Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winning is not just a word!!!

Words are so seductive...

It is intriguing to me how many people have such an affinity for quotes. People will read them, seek them out and even share them. Equally true is that people will have a tendency to relate to quotes on such a personal level that there can be a sense of sharing themselves when they share the quote.

The words because they have such a personal relationship with the individual can take on a life of their own.

Yet, aside from having an affinity for the same quote will one typically be curious enough to ask "Do they really understand what that quote means for me, do they really understand what it is I am meaning or wanting to share?"

I would say this..."I doubt it!"

Lost in translation...

Context, timing and ones situation will no doubt influence how a quote that is shared by another is interpreted. Allowing ourselves to assume that the reader of the quote will understand is a bit short sighted, much like the conversation that passes comments from one person to the next with a casual "you know what I mean...".

If we never take the time to question what is being said and the intent or to share our understanding of same then how do we ever really know that either party is talking about the same short "WE DON'T!"

What do you mean?

No, I don't want to hear the quote again, rather I would like to hear what you have to say...

- What are your feelings and thoughts
- What has caused you pick this particular quote
- What has compelled you to share the quote with me

The more a word, a phrase or even a quote is shared the less meaning it will actually have. A point that is often lost to many.

There are no short-cuts to communicating effectively.

Do you care enough?

What would change for you if instead of sharing a quote you took the time to consider what the quote means for you and what it is you want others to understand from the quote. Yes, in YOUR WORDS!

What would change if instead of accepting a quote as a response you actually took the time to ask...

"What about that quote is so important for you?"

Much more than a word...

Winning is one of the most over used words in the English language and perhaps even on a global scale and it is exactly because of it's over use that "winning" has absolutely no meaning. Well, at least in a universal sense.

Does winning mean scoring a goal, completing a marathon, getting out of bed, surviving cancer or being a friend?

The truth is, it probably means all of those things and more depending on the person.

The opportunity...

In this case the opportunity might be to ask "What does winning mean for you?"

This is not an easy question, especially for someone who has never considered it. Even for someone who has considered it, it still be difficult to answer in this moment.

The power of the word does not lie within the word itself, rather it lies in the awareness of the person who is willing to contemplate "what the word means for them".

Inspired by...

This post was inspired by @TheSCICoach to follow and read her tweets click here... and her recent string of tweets on winning.

I love the topic of winning..

- It is rich with opportunity for discovery and growth
- It is rich with meaning

It takes courage and compassion to say "I want to win" and to go for it, especially if you know exactly what it means for YOU!

Still, if you don't ever take the time to consider "What does winning mean for me?" how can you ever really know what you are saying when you say...


To your success,

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